We pride ourselves on providing reliable residential snow removal services in the GTA. Richview Windows & Eaves Cleaning INC has been operating since 2014, however, all of our dedicated drivers have minimum of six years of snow removal service experience.

Aside from our experience, we are also well equipped to handle and to weather any storm with a growing fleet of plows, blowers, and shovels. We use Jeep TJs with a crew of four to plow and shovel residential homes and tackle any storm that Canada has to offer.


To ensure smooth service on a snow day, and a smooth season overall, we constantly plan ahead and organize our winter routes. All of our drivers complete at least two practice runs before a single snowflake even hits the ground so that they are well acquainted with the route.

Weather Watch

During the winter season, we actively monitor the weather for any possible snow events. Since our crews are dispatched only if 2 cm or more of snow has accumulated, we always take into consideration the changes that might occur during a snow fall. These changes are usually due to the lake effects that causes flurries near the water, while other times, it sends the clouds further north.


Once 2 cm or more of snow has fallen, our crews are sent to their routes. Each route is covered by dedicated plow driver and two to three shovellers depending on how much snow has fallen. We continuously update and optimize our routes to ensure efficient service and the fastest possible service times.


All of our prices are firm and vary depending on the size of the property. No matter the price range our snow removal package includes the following service:

  • Remove snow from the driveway (full width)
  • Remove snow from sidewalk (full width)
  • Remove snow from all pathways to front and side doors of the house (full width)
  • We do not offer salting services, but if a customer provides us with salt we will spread the salt across the property where snow removal has occurred.

Note: Extra charges may apply if any additional service is required by the customer.
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Christmas is one of the biggest cultural celebrations among billions of people around the world. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas and get into the Christmas Spirit than by decorating and putting Christmas lights around your house, whether that is your roof, eavestrough, windows or trees and shrubs.

Here at Richview, we make the decorating process as easy as possible for you. We can meet with you to discuss colours and designs that you may have in mind, and provide any of the lighting and related products that you need. At the end of the holiday season, we’ll take down your Christmas lights and properly coil your cables to ensure easy storage, and an easy set up for the following year to come.

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